Can't find a company that can find and fix that water problem?

Danrae Waterproofing is your end to end solution to water damage prevention and remedial works

Waterproofing is generally only 1.2% of a total construction project cost, but is the cause of approximately 80% of building complaints. If not completed properly, waterproofing can become a huge problem for construction and property managers. Although only representing a minor part of the overall project, Danrae acknowledge the importance of providing specialised solutions that are right, every time.

Danrae Waterproofing prides itself in providing professional waterproofing and water related repairs to the construction and remedial building industries working within residential, commercial, justice, industrial, retail, health and aged care, community and education sectors. Our company provides flexible end to end solutions to construction and property managers in reducing the cost of management and damage caused by many common water related problems.

Our company operates throughout New South Wales providing services such as waterproofing, water related repairs, joint sealing, treatment of salt attack (efflorescence), balcony, car park and shower repairs. The company is not limited to these services, and is committed in finding a solution to satisfy our clients needs.

Why Use Danrae Waterproofing?

  • Free 12 month post installation check-up*: We won't just forget about you after we complete your remedial works, we'll make sure we come back and perform a free check on the problem to make sure you're satisfied and answer any queries you may have.
  • 100% Professionalism Guaranteed: When you work with Danrae we'll keep the communication lines open to ensure both parties are clear as to what's occurring during the project. We also offer a up to 20 year warranty on new installations**.
  • Accredited to apply products from major waterproofing suppliers: You can be sure that the products used are backed by reputable companies that ensure quality, support and genuine warranties.
  • Over 70 years combined experience with extensive knowledge in the industry: The advice and solutions offered are a result of many years of experience, so you can be assured you're dealing with professionals.
  • We provide the total solution: Many of our perceived competitors can only offer a waterproofing fix to your issues, we believe in offering the complete solution from determining the source of the leak to repairing the damaged area.
  • Family owned and operated business: You can be assured that our commitment to you is genuine and always in your best interests.

* Free check-up will occur during normal working hours I.e. Monday to Friday 7am to 3:30pm
** Selected waterproofing membranes only